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Total Customization

Online Aviation Training Using E-learning

Many aviation eLearning companies say they will customize content for you, but when you get into the details you quickly find out it is either too expensive or too limited. We include, at no additional cost, Total Customization with our FAST+ and Air Carrier packages.


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Superior Content

Our superior eLearning content is the result of our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and frequent updates. Our SMEs are active business aviation pilots, mechanics, and flight/cabin attendants. We are also certified by the International Business Aviation Council as an International Program Support Affiliate (PSA) for Subject Matter Training.

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Comprehensive Catalog

With over 120 eLearning modules, we have the content to meet your training needs. We have eLearning modules for all job roles in your flight department including pilots, flight/cabin attendants, mechanics/engineers, scheduler/dispatchers, line service technicians, and office staff.

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Easy to Manage

Put your training program on autopilot with Advanced Aircrew Academy. Our eLearning program is easy to manage. With our FAST+ and Air Carrier packages, you have access to a robust reporting and record keeping system designed specifically for aviation.

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Advanced Aircrew Academy
eLearning Modules
Advanced Aircrew Academy has over 120 eLearning modules for pilots, flight/cabin attendants, mechanics/engineers, line service technicians, schedulers/dispatchers, and office staff.

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Advanced Aircrew Academy