Advanced Aircrew Academy Offers Customizable Safety Management System eLearning Module

Charleston, SC—May 4, 2017 - Advanced Aircrew Academy is offering free customization to their Safety Management System eLearning module. Your company-specific safety policies, procedures for hazard reporting, risk assessment, safety committee details, and more can be integrated into an eLearning module designed exclusively for your flight department.

The eLearning module includes scenarios designed for each job role in a flight department to apply your SMS principles. Pilots receive a scenario planning a trip into a mountainous airport, schedulers receive one for coordinating a change to an international trip, flight/cabin attendants on ordering catering from an unknown vendor, and mechanics on installing a new piece of equipment.

Advanced Aircrew Academy leverages its status as an International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) International Standards Support Services Affiliate (I3SA) for Subject Matter Training to develop and deliver the SMS eLearning module.

More details are available at Advanced Aircrew Academy’s booth at the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) Business Aviation Safety Summit (BASS) or downloadable on our website at