About Us

Advanced Aircrew Academy enables flight operations to fulfill their training needs in the most efficient and affordable way—in any location at any time. We do this by providing high quality professional pilot, unmanned aerial system (UAS) pilot, flight/cabin attendant, flight coordinator, maintenance, and line service training modules delivered via the web using a world class online aviation training system.

Flight department personnel can log in and take their training at their own pace, at any time, from any place. All activity, progress, and exam scores are tracked and documented, and you have access to that information with a few mouse clicks.

After flying and training in business aviation for over two decades, we felt there was a niche in the aviation online training market for a company that could affordably customize online training to an operator’s specific needs. As technology, global standardization, safety awareness, and security concerns continue to drive changes in our aviation operations, we rapidly incorporate the latest information and aviation developments in our online modules.

Most online training companies today use a courseware developer working with a team of computer programmers and subject matter experts; all typically physically located somewhere else. Although this process can deliver a quality looking product, it is time-consuming, inefficient, prone to errors, and produces training that can be rapidly outdated. At Advanced Aircrew Academy, we have streamlined the process: the subject matter expert is the courseware developer and "owns" the product, using our state of the art editing software to rapidly and accurately develop up to date modules customized to each operator’s requirements. You get direct and accountable delivery of your training product.

Advanced Aircrew Academy's modules are authored by trainers with extensive experience as professional pilots, unmanned aerial system (UAS) pilots, flight/cabin attendants, air traffic controllers, and mechanics who share the 'real' information that can be used on the job. We can customize any of our modules to your operation easily and affordably.

Both operators and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have praised two features unique to Advanced Aircrew Academy's online training program: 'Ask Instructor' and Page References links. Each training page has an 'Ask Instructor' feature that allows a person to ask a question or provide feedback on the training. In addition, each module has Page References links embedded on training pages to allow students to download additional material on the topic.

Advanced Aircrew Academy is certified by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) as a Programme Support Affiliate (PSA) Subject Matter Expert for training. This PSA designation represents that our training modules are certified for the International Standard for Business Aviation Operations (IS-BAO).

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has approved Advanced Aircrew Academy's training in their Professional Development Program, making certain training modules covering Human Performance, International Procedures, and Safety Manager eligible for Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) credits.

There is no easier, more affordable, or effective way to meet your flight department’s training needs.