Aircraft Performance

Aircraft Performance
The Aircraft Performance module includes training on Part 25 aircraft certification performance standards and on Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) performance charts. The module is not aircraft-specific. For takeoff performance planning, the module details TORA/TODA/ASDA runway lengths, takeoff field lengths, and climb performance. The difference between Part 25 climb performance and obstacle clearance is highlighted. For landing performance planning, the module details Landing Distance Available (LDA), Part 25 certification standards, and additional additive factors to landing distances.


This Aircraft Performance module satisfies a portion of the training requirements of FAR 135.345 (Initial) and 135.351 (Recurrent). After customization, this module satisfies your Training Program Airman Specific Basic Indoctrination curriculum on Aircraft Performance.
This module is not required by International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS‑BAO). It expands on information provided in a Part 142 aircraft-specific ground school on aircraft performance.
  • Aircraft Flight Manual
  • Declared Runway Distances
  • Takeoff Field Length
  • Cimb Requirements
  • Landing Performance