Aviation Safety Action Program

Aviation Safety Action Program
The Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) module is an introduction to what an ASAP program is, types of events that can be reported in an ASAP program, the event review committee process, and ways to use ASAP data to improve safety. Because ASAP programs require a memorandum of understanding between the company and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the module is customized to the operator's specific ASAP program. The eLearning module is recognized by the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) to meet the training requirements for their ASAP program.


As part of an operator's overall training program, we can include ASAP program specifics either in a stand-alone eLearning module for initial training, or as part of recurrent training with ASAP reporting information embedded into the Emergency Procedures module.
Employee training is required for operators that have an ASAP program. The module highlights the Air Charter Safety Foundation's ASAP program for Part 91 operators. The module can be tailored to an operator's ASAP program specifics, including how employees complete your tailored web-based aviation technology (WBAT) report form.
  • ASAP Procedures
  • Event Review Committee
  • Excluded Reports
  • Sole Source / Non-Sole Source Events
  • Safety Reports