ARGUS Highlights Safety Training Deficiencies

ARGUS Highlights Safety Training Deficiencies

  • March
  • 13
  • 2014
  • Advanced Aircrew Academy

As an auditor, your humble blog writer here can easily imagine the many practical reasons that operators might cite in explaining why they were not quite meeting the Standard for SMS training – demand (Just too busy!), changes in the organization (Fred retired and it fell through the cracks), and so on. Shame on us, because there is a convenient, uncomplicated, high-quality solution to this problem, and it is sitting right in front of you – the Advanced Aircrew Academy online SMS training course.

The course meets the IS-BAO requirement. The course outline provides you with the detail you need to document it into your Safety Training Program. It’s accessible to all your personnel online 24/7. The overview of who is doing what training and when is available to your Training Manager 24/7. The evaluation by exam and the completion of the training are automatically documented for you and sent to you. If you are already a client, we just add it to your program, most likely at no extra cost; if not, here is your opportunity to give us a try. In any case, if you have read this far, you now have no excuse for joining the ARGUS 61% club in 2014.

You can review the ARGUS 2013 SMS Audit Results for free at: (This information is no longer available at this URL)