Circling Approach Areas Expanded

Circling Approach Areas Expanded

  • April
  • 25
  • 2013
  • Advanced Aircrew Academy

Here are the new criteria, shown in the table below.  With this change, if you were planning to circle at Denver’s Centennial (KAPA) in a Category C aircraft, you would have 3.0 NM to maneuver instead of the previous 1.7, due to the airport’s 5885 feet elevation.

As with the old criteria, this data won’t be printed on the approach plate, so you will have to learn them, or keep a copy handy for reference.

Some things to note:

The first is that the old criteria will continue to apply until each published IAP gets individually revised.  When that happens, you will see new symbols in the circling minimums box, indicating that the new expanded maneuvering areas apply.

Next, just a reminder that, as with many chart annotations, the Jeppesen and government charts will differ in how they communicate the new criteria.  Jepp charts will display a white C in a black diamond, as shown.

Jeppesen Circle Notation

U.S. Government, or NACO charts, will display a white C in a black square box:

NACO Circle Notation