Did You Know MNPS Is Over?

Did You Know MNPS Is Over?

  • February
  • 28
  • 2016
  • Advanced Aircrew Academy

As of February 4, 2016, MNPS (Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications) Airspace is being dumped as a term and replaced by the much more user friendly NAT High Level Airspace or NAT HLA.

MNPS first came into being in 1977, and this change is significant in that the requirements for approval to enter the new NAT HLA are updated; you must now have RNP-4 or RNP-10. In addition, the rest of the Atlantic welcomes Bodø Oceanic to the fray. It joins Shanwick, Gander, Reykjavik, New York, and Santa Maria to make up the new NAT HLA, which keep the original vertical profile of FL285-FL420.

The NAT Doc 007 "North Atlantic Operations and Airspace Manual" Version 2016-1 has been issued and is available online at the NAT-EUR website.

Airspace Affected

  • Shanwick Oceanic
  • New York Oceanic East
  • Gander Oceanic
  • Reykjavik
  • Santa Maria
  • Bodø Oceanic

Primary 04 February 2016 Changes

  • The term NAT High Level Airspace replaces the term MNPS Airspace.
  • Bodø Oceanic is added to what was previously the MNPS Area.
  • New approvals to operate in the airspace will only be given to aircraft that are RNP-4 or RNP-10 capable.
  • NAT Doc 007 North Atlantic Operations and Airspace Manual is updated to reflect the changes. Version 2016-1 is available online at the NAT-EUR website.

HLA Approval

  • Functions in the same way that MNPS Approvals did, except that RNP-4 or RNP-10 is now a requirement.
  • Existing MNPS Approvals will allow entry to HLA Airspace until 2020.
  • Just having RNP-4 or RNP-10 is not sufficient to obtain HLA approval. Previous requirements for MNPS are transferred to HLA.

Aircraft Requirements

HLA requirements remain the same as MNPS requirements, with the exception that RNP-4 or RNP-10 is now added.

Since the RLAT Tracks will always be within HLA airspace, operators must meet the existing basic HLA requirements, and the additional RLAT requirements.

HLA Requirements

  • HF (some exceptions)
  • State HLA Approval (RNP-4 or RNP-10, Aircrew HLA approved)

To Use RLAT Tracks (Half-Tracks)

  • Comms: CPDLC
  • Nav: RNP-4
  • Surveillance: ADS-C

Flight Planning

  • Field 10a – Satcom capability J5 for Inmarsat, J7 for Irridium, X for HLA Approval
  • Field 10b – Surveillance capability D1 for ADS-C
  • Field 18 – RNP-4 (PBN/L1)