International Procedures Training

International Procedures Training

  • August
  • 03
  • 2021
  • Advanced Aircrew Academy

The seat belt sign is off and business aviation has been facilitating travel to over 5000 airports around the country in 2021. International travel has been slower to rebound since the global COVID-19 pandemic, but that is changing.

In the last month, Advanced Aircrew Academy has seen a significant increase in requests for International Procedures training as trips pop up for the next day, next week, or next month. The most common questions we get are "How often is recurrent international procedures training required?" and "What am I required to train on?"

The first step people normally take to answer these questions is to look for the regulation on International Procedures training for more information. It's amazing that there are no regulations related to International Procedures training! The training requirement comes from your Ops Specs or Letters of Authorizations (LOAs). The Ops Specs / LOAs are the authorization to conduct the type of operation. You may have some or all of the following Ops Specs / LOAs for International Procedures:

  • A056 Data Link Communications (CPDLC/PBCS)
  • B034 IFR Class I En Route Navigation Using Area Navigation Systems (B‑RNAV / P-RNAV)
  • B036 Oceanic and Remote Continental Navigation Using Multiple Long-Range Navigation Systems (M‑LRNS) (RNP Oceanic Navigation Standards)
  • B037 Operations in Central East Pacific (CEP) Airspace
  • B038 Operations in North Pacific (NOPAC) Airspace
  • B039 Operations in North Atlantic High-Level Airspace (NAT HLA)
  • B046 Operations in Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) Airspace
  • B050 Authorized Areas of En Route Operations, Limitations, and Provisions
  • C063 Area Navigation (RNAV) and Required Navigation Performance (RNP) Terminal Operations

The Ops Spec / LOAs include statements such as "The flightcrew must be qualified in accordance with the certificate holder/s [operators] approved training program." When you were issued the Ops Spec / LOA, the regulator approved your training program where more details (method of training, course outline or syllabus, and frequency of training) are documented. The training program may have been detailed in your international procedures manual, training manual, or operations manual. Your documented and approved training program essentially is the regulation on how you must train.

Many operators use the Flight Standards Information Management System, FAA Advisory Circulars, Job Aids, and Compliance Guides as a reference to create a training program based on their Ops Spec / LOA authorizations. These resources do not require or establish a standard recurrent frequency for international procedures training. We typically see operators choose, and the FAA approve, a recurrent training frequency of 24 months. Since there is no standard published by the FAA, some operators or FAA inspectors will use a 12‑month recurrent training frequency.

Before you jump in and purchase an international procedures recurrent, consider the following essentials:

  • When was the courseware last updated?
  • Who is the instructor and who created the training?
  • What is the cost?
  • How will the training be delivered?
  • Does the training meet your operator‑specific training program?

Here's how Advanced Aircrew Academy does it.


Every week, our Subject Matter Experts update the training modules. Changes can be for a source document revision, a new Pro-Tip with a lesson learned, or based on feedback we received from one of the hundreds of pilots who complete our international courseware each month. Other eLearning providers only update their courseware every year or two. With the ever‑changing world of flying internationally, your training program must be updated constantly.

Have you benefited from sitting in a classroom and hearing experiences of fellow pilots? Our subject matter experts receive this feedback through our Ask Instructor feature and share those insights in the courseware. You are not limited by the discussions in your classroom session; you get the benefit of experiences shared every week.

Instructors / Subject Matter Experts

Our International Procedures Instructor / Subject Matter Expert (SME) team is made up of current business aviation pilots flying internationally. We are a team of developers, not just a single expert who has not seen the inside of a cockpit in years.

Need insights into how the Pros do it and not academic knowledge copied from an ICAO manual? Our SMEs include Pro-Tips, sharing real world information that you can apply in the cockpit. You will also have access to download up-to-date manuals, advisory circulars, notices, safety alerts, and other documents throughout the training. A helpful summary of course content is provided in module reference cards for quick reference in the cockpit.

Advanced Aircrew Academy is the only International Procedures training provider certified by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) as a Programme Support Affiliate (PSA) Subject Matter Expert for training. This PSA designation represents our training modules are certified for the International Standard for Business Aviation Operations (IS-BAO).

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has approved Advanced Aircrew Academy's Worldwide International Procedures training in their Professional Development Program, making the training eligible for Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) credits.


We have transparency in pricing on our website. We have pricing for individual modules and bundle pricing for Worldwide International Procedures (initial or recurrent) and North America (initial or recurrent). We also have discounts available when pairing international procedures training with other topics which can be delivered anytime in the next year.

Delivery Method

We deliver the training in a world-class online training system designed specifically for aviation. The training works on an iPad, Laptop, or other mobile device.

Advanced Aircrew Academy is the expert at delivering the training online. Other training providers may be the expert at delivering the training in the classroom and struggle with delivering the content online. The training is not a series of timed and outdated videos. You can complete our training at your own pace.

You also have access to the training to go back and review after completion to brush up on any of the content before a trip.

Custom Solution

We will build a training program unique and customized for your specific flight department. Advanced Aircrew Academy will ask to review your international procedures manual, training manual, and/or operations manual to ensure we deliver training that meets your operator‑specific training program. You wouldn't want to pay for an off-the-shelf program and complete the training just to realize it does not meet your operator‑specific requirements.

Advanced Aircrew Academy will make is easy for you.  We'll create a custom curriculum that will make your Aviation Safety Inspector (ASI) or Principal Operations Inspector (POI) happy while giving your pilots a comprehensive and interesting training program. You can reach us at, "Contact Us" from any page of our website, or call us at 843-557-1266.