IS-BAO Training Requirements: When

IS-BAO Training Requirements: When

  • July
  • 11
  • 2013
  • Advanced Aircrew Academy

In order to ensure complete compliance with the Standard, you should complete a comprehensive analysis of the training requirements of the IS-BAO, State requirements (FAA in the U.S.), and any additional company requirements.  (Do you require a PIC check-out before operating into KASE?  Training on ramp operations?  On aircraft servicing for pilots?)  You can also benchmark with other operators similar to you.  As an approved IS-BAO Support Services Affiliate, Advanced Aircrew Academy is also available for benchmarking and assisting with a training analysis for your flight department.

Complete the process by documenting the results in your operations manual.  As part of your SMS continuous improvement process, plan on an annual review of your training program with adjustments as necessary.

In our next post we will get more specific, with examples of IS-BAO referenced training profiles for specified positions, starting with fixed wing pilot, or what the IS-BAO might refer to as an Aircraft Flight Crew Member.