Is That The FAA Calling?

Is That The FAA Calling?

  • June
  • 06
  • 2023
  • Advanced Aircrew Academy

The Colgan Flight 3407 accident highlighted an issue of pilots with a history of check ride failures concealing performance deficiencies from potential future employers. The Pilot Records Database (PRD) was designed to facilitate sharing of pilot records with operators in a central database managed by the FAA. To make it work, both Part 91 noncertified corporate operators (in furtherance of or incidental to a business) with two or more aircraft (airplanes that require a type rating or turbine-powered rotorcraft) and all Part 135 operators must participate.

In March 2023, the FAA issued Notice N 8900.653 on Pilot Records Database Compliance Oversight. This notice to FAA Aviation Safety Inspectors (ASI) provides guidance for surveillance, compliance, and enforcement criteria related to the PRD requirements. Just like on a pilot check ride, if you don't have a confident answer when the FAA calls and asks about your required participation in the PRD, expect more questions that are going to be more detailed. Have a confident answer ready and it will be a short and productive call with the FAA ASI.

As a Part 91 Executive/Corporate Operator (ECO), the date required to register has passed. If you have not registered yet, now is the time since the FAA ASIs have been tasked with sampling 25% of operators to see if they are in compliance. Getting registered is as easy as setting up an account at this website and designating a responsible person (RP). Then you wait for a PRD request to be sent. Once a request is sent, you have 14 days to respond.

Expect a request to come in right before you leave on vacation or a trip. Have an internal process established and records organized so you can have someone assist if you are out of the office. Your Advanced Aircrew Academy Online Training Center platform can be a solution to organize all of your training records. Then, when you receive a request, everything you need to send in is in one place and easy to access.

For a Part 135 operator, you need to upload records to the PRD within 30 days of the creation of each record. Conduct an internal audit and see if the proper records are being uploaded in a timely manner. Then when your POI calls and you tell him you conducted an audit last month and found all records are being properly uploaded, the call will be short and sweet.

Looking for more information on the Pilot Records Database?

NBAA members can access a helpful guide on

The FAA has a web page of resources including a Pilot User Guide and recorded webinars. FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 120-68J Pilot Records Database and Pilot Records Improvement Act also provides a good overview of the program.

Ring, Ring…is that the FAA calling?