NTSB Recommendations Drive Revision to Advisory Circular

NTSB Recommendations Drive Revision to Advisory Circular

  • January
  • 13
  • 2015
  • Dan Boedigheimer

One change to discuss with your Part 142 training provider is incorporating hands-on training on use of the oxygen mask, mask settings, communicating with masks donned, and venting of smoke goggles. From a policy perspective, a review of your smoke, fire, or fumes checklists and SOP guidance is recommended. The AC includes recommendations that the first step in the checklist should be for crewmembers to don their oxygen masks and verify they are set to 100%. Also review your guidance on pulling or resetting of circuit breakers. The revised AC adds emphasis on resetting of circuit breakers only when “absolutely” necessary for the safe completion of a flight. Finally, review your guidance on which crewmember will aggressively fight a potential fire and what resources are available in your aircraft.

In summary, the revised AC 120-80A has implications for your training program and SOP guidance. Although the changes were minimal, there are important lessons learned from the UPS accident.

Our eLearning Emergency Procedures module has been updated with the latest recommendations on lithium battery fires, stowage of oxygen masks set to 100%, resetting and pulling of circuit breakers, and communicating with oxygen masks on. Because of the way we at Advanced Aircrew Academy update our courseware, we stay on top of changes in the industry in a timely manner while you can expect it to take a year or more for our competitors to get this new information published in their courseware.

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