Crew Resource Management: Part 135

Crew Resource Management: Part 135

The Part 135 Crew Resource Management module efficiently and effectively addresses the training requirements in Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) 135.330, Crew Resource Management Training, and Advisory Circular (AC) 120-51E, Crew Resource Management Training.

The module content is designed for pilots flying high performance turboprop, helicopter, or jet aircraft. Based on extensive research into human performance, we present specific examples of how to break down barriers and effectively use available resources. We use a case study approach in each module to reinforce the module material and focus on both the good use of CRM and incidents where poor use of CRM was a causal factor in an accident or incident.

A modified version of the CRM curriculum is available for flight/cabin attendants.


The Part 135 Crew Resource Management module is tailored to include your procedures for positive transfer of aircraft controls, automation use, and fatigue management. For recurrent training, the topics rotate year-to-year so your flight crews see different CRM modules each year.

This module is not designed for Part 91 operators. For training on Crew Resource Management or Human Factors, see the Crew Resource Management / Human Factors description and associated modules.

  • Authority of the pilot in command
  • Communication processes, decisions, and coordination, to include communication with Air Traffic Control, personnel performing flight locating and other operational functions, and passengers
  • Building and maintenance of a flight team
  • Workload and time management
  • Situational awareness
  • Effects of fatigue on performance, avoidance strategies, and countermeasures
  • Effects of stress and stress reduction strategies
  • Aeronautical decision-making and judgement training tailored to the operator's flight operations and aviation environment
  • Threat and Error Management
  • Automation Management
  • Single-Pilot Resource Management (if applicable)