CRM / Human Factors: Effective Monitoring

CRM / Human Factors: Effective Monitoring
Effective monitoring was identified as a concern at the first Human Factors Aviation Industry Roundtable meeting. Too many accidents today involve ineffective monitoring as a causal factor. As aircraft get more automated, the challenge of effectively monitoring gets more complex. An Active Pilot Monitoring Working Group was formed and published the Practical Guide for Improving Flight Path Monitoring through the Flight Safety Foundation. The Effective Monitoring module highlights the recommendations in the report for improving monitoring performance on the flight deck.


There is no specific Part 135 requirement for training on Effective Monitoring. This module can be used as a one-time training event to supplement Crew Resource Management training.
The module complies with the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS‑BAO) training requirement for "Crew Resource Management / Human Factors" defined in Chapter 8 of IS-BAO. The standard is for flight crewmembers to complete the training during initial and every two years thereafter. This module is not required by the Business Aviation Safety Consortium (BASC) standard.
  • Monitoring Errors
  • Challene of Monitoring
  • Sampling Rates
  • Areas of Vulnerability
  • Cognitive Bias
  • Automation