EFB / iPad

EFB / iPad
The Electronic Flight Bag / iPad(R) module is designed to comply with the flight crew training requirements outlined in Advisory Circular (AC) 120-76D and 91-78. For operators looking to implement the iPad to replace paper charts and documents in the cockpit, this module is for you.


This module complies with Ops Spec A061 training requirements and is designed to meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Order 8900.1, Volume 3, Chapter 19, Training Programs and Airman Qualifications and FAA Order 8900.1 Volume 4, Chapter 15.
This module complies with the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) training requirement for electronic flight bags defined in Chapter 8 of IS-BAO. The standard is Initial and recurrent training on use of an EFB. The Business Aviation Safety Consortium (BASC) standard NX6 requires EFB training.
  • Hardware Orientation
  • Charging Procedures
  • Settings
  • Functions
  • Human Factors Considerations
  • Apps
  • Company Guidance