Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Response Plan
The Emergency Response Plan training is a custom module developed to train flight department employees—pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, scheduler/dispatcher, and line service—on the contents of your Emergency Response Plan. The training is designed to familiarize employees with the layout of the manual and resources provided. Using two examples of incidents that would require use of your Emergency Response Plan, the training module describes the steps employees should follow in the event of an emergency.


There is no specific requirement to train on your Emergency Response Plan under Part 135 unless you have added it to your training program requirements. If you have a published Emergency Response Plan, we can include the details in your Emergency Procedures module.
The module complies with the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) training requirement for "Emergency Response Plan" defined in Chapter 4 of IS-BAO. The standard is for all personnel who have a role in the emergency response plan to be trained.
  • Your company-specific Emergency Response Plan
  • Scenario examples
  • NTSB Part 830