Problematic ADS-B Installation

Currently, the FAA is working with operators, manufacturers, and installers on eliminating several common ADS-B installation errors. The issues most commonly associated with an ADS-B installation are:

  • Missing Barometric Pressure Altitude
  • Air/Ground Determination Issues
  • Flight ID issues including Missing Flight ID 3-letter identifier
  • Duplicate and Wrong ICAOs
  • Invalid Mode 3/A Code — Mitigation in place
  • Incorrect Emitter Category
  • Aircraft with Position Errors

The FAA noted the issues in an ADS-B installation technical paper. Most prevalent are incorrect ICAO codes, and a high number of installations have been completed with an improper emitter category code. The FAA also noted, in an ADS-B performance report user's guide, that missing or incorrect flight IDs are also a concern.

According to Duncan Aviation data, nearly 14 percent (6255 of the 45,257) of US-based aircraft currently equipped with ADS-B Out avionics are not properly transmitting a signal. This is the result of improper hardware installations and in many cases it is caused by incorrect configuration by avionics technicians.

One in every seven ADS-B installations is problematic. Every effort should be made to safeguard that newly installed systems are correctly configured and confirmed with appropriate ground-test equipment.

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