Safe Travels

'Simple' is probably not a word you would associate with a government website, but get ready for a brave new world, at least when it comes to the State Department website and travel information.

New improvements at are in the works to make it easier to find and interpret safety/security information for any country in the world. Each country will be assigned a color coded 'Travel Advisory' level (1-4) which will give an immediate indication of the country's status.

In addition to theTravel Advisory level, the textual explanation of each country’s safety and security considerations will be simplified with plain language in a consistent format. An interactive map will help users make a quick assessment of the Travel Advisory level of each country. This is only a broad indication of each nation's status; so be sure to read the entire page for each country of interest.

Want to stay up to date for each country you plan to visit? Sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), and you can indicate which counties you would like to receive alerts for. Being a safe world traveler just got a little bit easier.

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