Human Factors / Crew Resource Management (CRM)

Human Factors / Crew Resource Management (CRM)

Human Factors is a broad term to describe interactions among humans and other elements of a system. Human Factors training for pilots can include traditional Crew Resource Management (CRM), Maintenance Resource Management, and Dispatch Resource Management as well as topics such as flight discipline and automation management.

The Maintenance Human Factors eLearning module is FAA-accepted for one hour of IA Renewal credit. FAA Course Acceptance Number: C-IND-IM-151112-K-006-002.

The NBAA Management Guide (section 2.4) recommends advanced flight crew training above and beyond the regulatory requirements of the FAA as a best practice. That recommendation specifically cites CRM training. This training satisfies that NBAA recommendation.


The curriculum content efficiently and effectively addresses the training requirements in FAR 135.330, Crew Resource Management Training and AC 120.51E, Crew Resource Management Training. For recurrent training, the topics rotate year-to-year so your flight crews see different CRM modules each year.
Any of the modules listed comply with the IS-BAO training requirement for "Human Factors (HF) / Crew Resource Management (CRM)" defined in Chapter 8 of IS-BAO. The Business Aviation Safety Consortium (BASC) standard NX6 and 2 requires CRM / Human Factors training. Human Factors training for mechanics complies with CRF 135.433 and AC 120-72. Human Factors training for schedulers/dispatchers complies with AC 120-32.

Human Factors / CRM Training Modules

Module Applicability
Aeronautical Decision Making and Risk Management Pilots
Automation Management Pilots
Communications and Teamwork Pilots
Effective Monitoring Pilots
Fatigue Management Versions for Everyone
Flight Discipline Pilots
Hazardous Attitudes Pilots
Human Factors / CRM for Flight/Cabin Attendants includes topics of Communication, Situational Awareness, and Stress Management Flight/Cabin Attendants
Human Factors / CRM for Scheduler / Dispatcher / Office Staff includes topics of Communication, Situational Awareness, and Stress Management Scheduler
Office Staff
Human Factors / MRM for Mechanics/Engineers includes Normalization of Deviance/Excellence and Hazardous Attitudes Mechanics/Engineers
Line Service
Maintenance Master: Blue Threat Mechanics/Engineers
Line Service
Procedural Non-Compliance (coming soon) Versions for everyone
Single-Pilot Resource Management Pilots
Situational Awareness Pilots
Stress Management Versions for Everyone
Threat and Error Management Versions for Everyone
Workload Management Pilots