Internal Evaluation Program (IEP)

Internal Evaluation Program (IEP)
An Internal Evaluation Program (IEP) is a component of Safety Assurance in a Safety Management System. The IEP module is designed for managers responsible for conducting an internal evaluation of their department or organization. The procedures and practices outlined in the module can be applied to maintenance, flight operations, and security.


The IEP module can be used to train auditors in accordance with FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 120-59B Air Carrier Internal Evaluation Programs.
The IEP module can be used to train individuals that are tasked with completing an internal evaluation in preparation for an IS-BAO or other audit. It can also be used to familiarize a safety manager with IEP processes. The module can partially satisfy the IS-BAO training requirement in 3.4 for training and education of a Safety Manager.
  • Introduction to an Internal Evaluation Program (IEP)
  • Building your IEP
  • Terminology
  • Process
  • Checklists
  • Findings and Corrective Actions
  • Documentation