NBAA PDP Bundle - International Procedures (OPS7)

NBAA PDP Bundle - International Procedures (OPS7)

This curriculum meets the requirements for the NBAA PDP program for Operations objective OPS7: Recognize and operate within the National Airspace System (NAS) and international Flight Information Regions (FIR).

The NBAA PDP review committee has approved this curriculum for the following points toward the Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) program:

  • CAM Application - 3 points
  • CAM Recertification - 2 points

The curriculum includes 5 eLearning modules on International Procedures. Topics include PBN, ICAO Differences, North America/New York Oceanic West, North Atlantic/Europe P-RNAV, and Worldwide RVSM. The curriculum includes approximately 9.25 hours of training.


  • ICAO Differences
  • Performance Based Navigation
  • North America / New York Oceanic West
  • North Atlantic / Europe P-RNAV
  • Worldwide RVSM