Online Training System

Advanced Aircrew Academy uses the ASCENT Aviation E-training System from Aerostudies Inc., the complete web-based training system designed exclusively for aviation.

  • Easy to Use
  • Ultra Reliable
  • Network and Computer Safe
  • No Software to Download
  • Personalized to Your Company
  • Aviation-Specific Optional Features
    • Single Record of Training for Curriculums
    • Minimum Module Timers
    • Module Lockout and Reset for Exam Failures

Your Training

The Part 135 and IS-BAO Programs include customization of the training modules to your company's operations. This enables you to meet FAA and IS-BAO training requirements. We use YOUR General Operations Manual or Flight Operations Manual to make the online training modules part of your training program, not off-the-shelf training. Have some unique training requirements? We can take care of that!

Rich, Interactive Module Content

Our modules are rich in media content with lots of photos, illustrations, video, and downloadable reference documents.

Use any web browser on any web-capable computer (including the iPad). It's safe and reliable through any network firewall or internet connection type. No software or applets are downloaded onto any user's computer.

Safe and Trouble Free

You can complete the training within your building's network, at home, at a hotel, in an FBO, or anywhere else.

After logging in, all learning activity is done with a mouse click or touch of the finger. Only very basic computer user skills (point and click) are required.

YOUR ASCENT Online Learning Center

For companies that subscribe to our IS-BAO or Part 135 program, we can also personalize the online training learning center to your company's corporate ID – it becomes your company's own online training system with a world of possibilities now at your fingertips.

Where else can you get training that also gives your company its own world-class online training system that you can control and expand?

Knowledge Retention Assured

Interactive review questions are placed every few pages through the module. The student cannot get past them until they answer correctly. The answers are randomized to ensure learning. They get feedback from answers so they learn even from incorrect attempts.

Exams are at the end of each module with a minimum pass mark (typically 80%) and self-corrected to 100%. Questions can even contain graphics or multimedia content.

Complete Training Documentation

All student progress, usage time, marks, etc., are tracked in detail.

We provide clients with a special login account for their supervisors/managers which gives you access to the following information via the web at any time:

  • Module Progress
  • Scores
  • Login Time
  • Exams Review
  • Certificates

Quizzes/exams are stored in their completed format so you view and print them any time.

Upon successful completion of a module, a Certificate of Completion is automatically emailed to the student and/or whoever you designate to receive them.

ASCENT E Training Is Secure and Personalized

Each student gets their own password-protected online student desk. Just click a module to enter it. Student's progress through modules is visually displayed on their training desktop. They can log out of a module and return right back where they left off.