Operations Manual

Operations Manual
The Operations Manual module is a custom module developed to train flight department employees—pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, schedulers/dispatchers, and line service—on the contents of your Operations Manual. The training is designed to familiarize employees with the layout of the manual and general content. We can also design the module to highlight any changes you have recently made to the manual.


This module does not apply to Part 135 operators. A Part 135 operator's General Operations Manual (GOM) is covered in the general subjects customized modules. For example, fueling procedures are covered in the Regulatory module, emergency procedures in the Emergency Procedures module, and thunderstorm avoidance procedures in the Weather module.
Most International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) registered companies include a training requirement in the operator's manual to train flight department employees in their Operations Manual. This module is responsive to many requests we have received from flight departments for a custom module on their manual. We don't charge extra for the custom development of the module. This module is typically included for operators who select our IS-BAO training package.
Each chapter of your Operations Manual is featured in a training module section with review questions. An exam is also included at the end of the training module. We typically deliver the module in 60-90 days from the day we receive your Operations Manual.