Our Approach

Total Customization

Many aviation eLearning companies say they will customize content for you, but when you get into the details, you quickly find out it is either too expensive or too limited.

Advanced Aircrew Academy includes, at no additional cost, Total Customization with our FAST+ and Air Carrier packages. What do we mean by customization?

  • Total integration of your procedures throughout an eLearning module. For example, we include your hazard reporting process and safety policies in the Safety Management Systems module.
  • Creation of an eLearning module on your company operations manual.
  • Training material tailored to the regulatory authority where your aircraft is registered. We have versions of our modules compliant with the FAA, EASA, Hong Kong CAD, Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA), and other civil aviation authorities around the world.


Comprehensive Catalog

With over 120 eLearning modules, we have the content to meet your training needs. We have eLearning modules for all job roles in your flight department including pilots, flight/cabin attendants, mechanics/engineers, scheduler/dispatchers, office staff, and line service technicians.

Have a training need and don't see the eLearning module in our catalog? We can create it for you at no or little additional cost. Past projects include development of eLearning modules for Aircraft-Specific Memory Items and Limitations, Company-Specific Emergency Response Plan, Required Inspection Items (RII), Airport Spill Prevention Programs, Aircraft Tug Operations, Operational Check Flights, and Aircraft Asset Checklist.


Superior Content

Our superior eLearning content is the result of our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and frequent updates. Each of our eLearning modules has an industry expert responsible for developing and maintaining the training material. Our SMEs are active business aviation pilots, unmanned aerial system (UAS) pilots, air traffic controllers, mechanics, and flight/cabin attendants. They regularly attend industry Safety Stand-downs, are members of FAA/Industry working groups and NBAA committees, and are subscribed to blogs, journals, and other publications to stay on top of what’s relevant and changing in the industry.

Our SMEs make updates to the courseware weekly while you can measure our competitor's frequency of updates to eLearning content in years.


Easy to Manage

Put your training program on autopilot with Advanced Aircrew Academy’s easy-to-manage eLearning program.

With our FAST+ and Air Carrier packages, you have access to a robust reporting and record keeping system designed specifically for aviation. Our system also includes automated email due date reminders for upcoming training due. Our eLearning is available for you to access and complete or return to and review for one year.

Consider us a diverse set of expert resources available to your training and flight department. Our service to you begins with a free training program analysis. Our team of experts has extensive experience managing business aviation training programs and will provide you with a recommended training plan to meet your training program requirements.