Part 135

The Air Carrier Package is a group of modules designed to meet the training requirements of Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) 135.331, 135.351, 135 subpart K, your Ops Specs, and FAA Order 8900.1. Each module contains an exam to meet the testing requirements of FAR 135.293 (a) 1 and 3-8. We customize each module to the operator’s General Operations Manual (GOM), Operations Specifications, FAA-approved Training Program, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Hazmat, and Security Manual. Your modules are delivered in a personalized Online Learning Center dedicated to your company.

Step 1

We begin the process of setting up your online training with an in-depth analysis of your training program. We map out the modules we have that, after customization, will meet your training program requirements. We can set up the online training to meet both your required content and time requirements.

You have an opportunity to add custom content or subtract modules to tailor a set of online modules that works best for you.

We complete this review at no cost or obligation to sign up with us. Why not send us your training manual today?

Click below to download an example of training manual analysis we will provide you with.

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Acme Air Training Manual Review

Once you agree with the plan outlined in your free training manual analysis and decide to sign up with us, we send you an invoice for a $4000 initial payment which puts us to work on your modules and covers the cost of the first five pilots you send through recurrent training. Initial training is also available and priced based on size of curriculum.

Step 2

Now that you have chosen Advanced Aircrew Academy as your online training provider, we have you send us your GOM and Ops Specs so our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can begin the total customization process. They take our modules and integrate your operator-specific procedures. For example, we will include how you log VOR checks along with a review of FAR 91.171. We also include your operator-specific Weight and Balance methods and your approved way to submit load manifests.

We follow this process for every module that will be included in your online training. The output is YOUR training program. It is not off-the-shelf generic Part 135 training. Your POI will have an opportunity to log in and view the customized modules as part of the approval process.

We also request some images of your aircraft and operations to personalize the training and to create an exclusive portal to log into the online training for your operation.


Step 3

Within 45-90 days, we can have your training program customized and ready for your employees to enroll.

Principal Operations Inspectors (POI) from across the country have approved the training programs and praised the emphasis on the operator's specific procedures.

Why not let us do the work so you can get home at a decent time? You manage the program and we take care of the details.


We have training courses that satisfy your following training program curriculums:

  • Pilot In Command (PIC) / Second In Command (SIC) Basic Indoctrination (Operator and Airman Specific)
  • Hazmat / Dangerous Goods (Will Carry or Will Not Carry)
  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Security
  • Emergency Situations and Emergency Drill (by Demonstration)
  • International Procedures
  • Specialty Curriculums Like Performance Based Navigation, Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), Land and Hold Short Operations (LAHSO), Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), and others

Recurrent Training

The flexibility of the platform the modules are written in allows us to integrate operator-specific procedures into the material. This also allows us to keep up with FAA emphasis items and your changing procedures.

The recurrent training modules cover portions of the initial (8900.10 Volume 3, Chapter 19, Section 10, Paragraph 3-1337 (b) 2 & 4). On an annual basis, the modules are updated with any changes made to your manuals, and the content or focus of the modules also change so the pilots don't have to take the same module year after year.

Air Carrier Pricing for Part 135

Air Carrier

Bundle of modules customized to your polices and procedures to make it operator-specific. Modules are bundled in a curriculum for initial or recurrent basic indoctrination training.

$4000 annual subscription which includes the first 5 recurrent curriculums

Additional Price Per Person after the first 5 recurrents
Recurrent $600
Initial $900

Subscription also includes:
  • Free training program analysis which will detail the eLearning modules we will include to satisfy your training program requirements
  • Dedicated online training center to your organization with personalized login page
  • Total Customization
  • Manager access to robust reporting and recording keeping system.
  • Due date reminders