Performance and Navigation

Performance and Navigation

The Performance and Navigation module is designed for VFR rotary wing operators. It supports pilot knowledge and proficiency for rotary-wing aircraft performance and navigation. Training for the Washington DC and New York Class B Airspace Hudson River and East River Exclusion Special Flight Rules Airspace (SFRA) is included.

For a fixed-wing Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) version of this module, see our Instrument Procedures module.

The NBAA Management Guide (section 2.4) recommends rotorcraft-specific advanced flight crew training above and beyond the regulatory requirements of the FAA as a best practice. That recommendation specifically cites flight performance training. This training module satisfies that NBAA training recommendation.


This Performance and Navigation module provides ground training in preparation for the testing requirements of CFR 135.293 (a)(4) and (5), and in response to the training requirements of CFR 135.345 (Initial) and 135.351 (Recurrent). After customization, this module satisfies your Training Program Airman Specific Basic Indoctrination curriculum on Aircraft Performance and Airport Analysis, Navigation, and Airspace and Air Traffic Control (ATC) Procedures.
The module is not required by the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) or Business Aviation Safety Consortium (BASC) standard.
  • Performance
  • Navigation Basics
  • Airspace And Air Traffic Control
  • Special Flight Rules Airspace
  • Aeronautical Charts And Data
  • Airport/heliport/landing Zone Analysis