Performance Based Navigation (PBN)

Performance Based Navigation (PBN)

The PBN module is for pilots flying turboprop and jet aircraft with advanced avionics capable of navigating using Global Positioning System (GPS) and multiple sensor, Flight Management System (FMS)-based Area Navigation procedures. The module provides background information and references along with a review of RNAV and RNP instrument flight procedures including departure, en-route, arrival, and approaches.

The module was developed in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Document 9613, Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Manual. It includes training on the following navigation standards: RNP-1, RNAV-1, P-RNAV, RNP-2, RNAV-2, RNAV-10, RNP-4, RNP-5, B-RNAV, RNP-10, and RNP 0.3.

The Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department is requiring State Approval for RNP-1 and Australia for RNP-2. This eLearning module satisfies the training requirement for issuance of State Approval.


The PBN module is customized based on Ops Spec authorizations in B034 Class I Terminal and En-route Navigation, B035 Class I Navigation in Class A Airspace, B036 Oceanic and Remote Continental Navigation Using Multiple Long-Range Navigation Systems (M-LRNS), C052 Instrument Approaches, C063 Departure Procedure (DPs) and Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STARs), C073 Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) Approach Procedures Using VNAV, C085 Substituting GPS/Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) FMS for selected Non-Precision Approaches, and C384 Required Navigation Performance (RNP) Approaches, as applicable. GOM-based operator-specific RNAV procedures are included in the customized module. The module meets the FAA RNAV pilot training requirements published in Advisory Circular (AC) 90-100A, U.S. Terminal and En-Route Area Navigation (RNAV) Operations. We can customize the module to meet any specialty curriculum requirements in your FAA-approved Training Program.
This module meets the FAA RNAV pilot training requirements published in AC 90-100A, U.S. Terminal and En-Route Area Navigation (RNAV) Operations, addressing the need for the specialized training required to operate in airspace systems that are moving increasingly toward satellite-based instrument procedures. LOA C063 satisfies the requirement for operators to obtain State Approval for RNP. Operators have used this eLearning module to satisfy the training requirement for issuance of LOA C063. The module complies with the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) training requirement for PBN defined in Chapter 13 of IS-BAO.
  • Background
  • Preflight
  • General Procedures
  • Departures (RNAV-1, RNP-1, P-RNAV)
  • Enroute (RNAV-2, RNAV-5, RNAV-10, RNP-2, RNP-4, B-RNAV)
  • Arrivals (RNAV-1, RNP-1, P-RNAV)
  • Approaches (RNP 0.3)
  • Contingencies