Runway Analysis

Runway Analysis
The Runway Analysis module is designed for an operational perspective on use of a commercial runway analysis product like that provided by Aircraft Performance Group (APG). Consideration of low close-in obstacles and the accuracy of efficiency of performance calculations are included. Insight into how maximum takeoff weight is derived is provided with an overview of the obstacle analysis process engineers use. Various engine-out procedures are discussed along with the implications for briefings and cockpit setup. It goes beyond what is taught during aircraft-specific training with a focus on pilot responsibilities and the unique design of engine-out procedures.


This Runway Analysis module satisfies a portion of the training requirements of FAR 135.345 (Initial) and 135.351 (Recurrent). After customization, this module satisfies your Training Program Airman Specific Basic Indoctrination curriculum on Runway Analysis.
The module is not required by the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) or Business Aviation Safety Consortium (BASC) standard. It provides training on integration of a runway analysis product into your flight operations.
  • Benefits
  • Risk Management
  • Obstacle Analysis Process
  • Limit Weights
  • Engine-out Procedures