Safe Towing Practices

Safe Towing Practices
Aircraft towing and ramp accidents resulting in aircraft damage can delay or cancel flights and be a major cause of flight schedule disruptions. Many costs are uninsured and estimated at over $100 million per year in direct costs. Most events are preventable by employing precautionary measures, utilizing patience, and carefully handling the aircraft to avoid personnel injury and costly repairs. The Safe Towing Practices module addresses best practices when towing aircraft.


This module is not required under Part 135 for flight crewmember training.
The module is not required by the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) or Business Aviation Safety Consortium (BASC) standard. It can be used for business aviation flight departments or FBOs to train pilots, maintenance techs, and line service techs on safe towing practices.
  • Ramp And Hangar Safety
  • Best Practices – Tow Vehicle Use
  • Best Practices – Towing Procedures
  • Preventing Injuries
  • Runway Incursion Prevention