Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), or drones, have become an important tool across many industries. Advanced Aircrew Academy has heard from many of our business aviation customers and new UAS operators that they are looking to start an unmanned aviation program for their company.

If you operate a Small Unmanned Aircraft System (SUAS) for non-recreational purposes, you are responsible for ensuring it is safe to operate according to 14 CFR 107.15 (a) and (b). The FAA holds Remote Pilots in Command (RPIC) responsible for compliance with the rules of the air, just as drivers are responsible for following traffic rules. If an "accident" occurs, the first thing the FAA will look at is your training and adherence to the rules.

Our process of setting up your online training is laid out in these steps.

Step 1 - Send Us Your Training Manuals (If you have any)

We will evaluate your current UAS training and based on best practices and help integrate a UAS program into your existing business aviation flight department or help you create a training plan for new operators.

Step 2 - Establish a Training Plan and Agree on Proposal

Whether you are seeking the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operators (IS-BAO) Remote Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) registration or need to instill key aviation risk management skills for your Remote Pilots In Command (RPIC) who are new to aviation safety protocols, we can recommend a training plan and pricing proposal for you.

Advanced Aircrew Academy is unique in that we can integrate your company-specific procedures into your eLearning content. In our UAS Fundamental Aviation Safety Training – Plus (FAST+) subscription, there is no additional cost to integrate your operator-specific procedures into the training content.

For UAS FAST+ customers, we deliver your training in a dedicated and exclusive online training center. You have access to a robust reporting and recording keeping system to manage training records.

Step 3 - Assignments

After receiving all of the requested information, it will take our team abuot one week to set up your learning center and provide the first modules available for assignments. If you prefer, you can review the modules before they are assigned to the rest of your department. Any request to change information can be made on each page with our Ask Instructor function. Once you're satisfied, you will send in a training request and we will assign the training for you.


Because each operator is unique, we will offer the most cost-effective bundled pricing for your specific needs. Email info@aircrewacademy.com to get started.

Module Topics

  • UAS Drug & Alcohol Misuse Prevention
  • UAS Emergency Procedures *
  • UAS Errors and Procedural Non-Compliance
  • UAS Fatigue Management
  • UAS Human Factors / Crew Resource Management
  • UAS Maintenance
  • UAS Occupational Safety & Health
  • UAS Safety Management Systems

(* = in progress and coming soon!)