Advanced Aircrew Academy is part of USAIG's Performance Vector safety initiative. Performance Vector enables eligible USAIG policyholders to select annually from a diverse portfolio of training and safety-enhancing services delivered by world-class providers. A Training Program Support Package from Advanced Aircrew Academy is one of the options accessible through Performance Vector.

Training Program Support Package Overview

Advanced Aircrew Academy will collaborate with policyholders that select the Training Program Support Package to review their existing training program. The review will include the following (as applicable and available):

  • Type of operation, areas of operation, aircraft types, and flight department organization
  • Training program documentation per Operations Manual and/or Training Manual
  • Specific training requirements associated with FAA Operation Specifications (Part 135) or Letters of Authorization (LOA) (Part 91)
  • Company internal and external audit findings
  • Company safety risk profile, safety performance indicators, and hazard reports
  • FAA special emphasis items
  • National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Most Wanted List
  • National Business Aviation Association Management Guide training recommendations
  • IS-BAO training requirements and recommendations (if IS-BAO registered or seeking IS-BAO registration)
  • Business Aviation Safety Consortium (BASC) International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) training requirements (if a BASC member or seeking BASC membership)

The output of the review is a summary of training requirements and recommendations with frequency of recurrent training broken down by each topic. The summary is designed to inform and guide strategic refinement to the overall training plan.

Following the training program review, the operator can select four (4) key training subjects (eLearning modules) from Advanced Aircrew Academy's library for up to five (5) trainees. The selected eLearning modules can be delivered all at one time or as four (4) quarterly training topics. For example, an operator might select a winter operations review for the fall, runway excursion prevention training during icy runway winter months, warm weather hazards in the spring, and security training in the summer. Each eLearning module is approximately 1 hour.

Other options include selecting training modules to specifically meet certain IS-BAO training requirements, Part 135 topics, or address specific hazards identified through the safety management system.

If needed, additional user logons (beyond the 5 included) and/or additional training topics can be purchased at a discounted rate. An additional optional upgrade available for purchase provides a personalized and dedicated online training center exclusive to the operation, with training modules customized to the operator's manuals and procedures. Pricing for that service is dependent on the size, complexity, and specifics of the operation.

Performance Vector-eligible USAIG policyholders who are already annual subscribers to Advanced Aircrew Academy training content and do not need the training program review service can still select this offer as their Performance Vector benefit. In that case, USAIG will contribute up to $2500 toward the annual training subscription renewal cost and Advanced Aircrew Academy will bill any additional training subscription costs to the operator.

For additional information about the program, check the Safety tab at or contact Paul S. Ratté, USAIG Director of Aviation Safety Programs at