A Pilot’s “Wait” And Balance

A Pilot’s “Wait” And Balance

  • July
  • 17
  • 2018
  • Erika Armstrong

Business Aviation pilots have to wait, a lot.

A four-hour flight can be filled with bad weather, ATC, and mechanical challenges, followed by four long, boring days on a layover, waiting for passengers. Back at home base, pilots wait to hear when the MELs will be cleared, wait to hear who their next passenger and destination will be, wait for scheduling to give them their flight information…but they’re the busiest employees in the aviation industry.

The cliché work/life balance that is touted in other industries will never happen in aviation. It’s the nature of the beast and one of the key ingredients to the pilot shortage. Pilots must be gone to do their job, so the pendulum swings further to the "work" side, but one company has found a way to swing it towards the middle.

One of the revolutionary advancements in aviation is the technology to provide initial and recurrent ground training via eLearning modules and curriculums. Both operators and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have praised features unique to Advanced Aircrew Academy.  Each training module has an 'Email my coach' feature that allows a pilot to ask a question or provide instant feedback on the training. Each module also has a Page Reference link embedded on training pages to allow students to download additional material on the topic. But, the most important feature, Advanced Aircrew Academy's training allows flight crews to complete their ground training at their convenience, even while they're waiting.

We know what it’s like for pilots to wait. Advanced Aircrew Academy's modules are authored by trainers with extensive experience as professional pilots who share 'real' information that can be used on the job. We have held roles as Director of Operations, Managers of Training and Standards, IS-BAO auditors, FAA Inspectors, Check Airman, and Instructor Pilots. We can customize any of our modules to your operation easily and affordably.

So, don't wait any longer than you have to. There is no easier, more affordable, or effective way to meet your flight department’s training needs.