Look Ma – No Radar! ADS–B Now

Look Ma – No Radar! ADS–B Now

  • February
  • 12
  • 2014
  • Advanced Aircrew Academy

Notice that we reported above that ADS B-Out is the part mandated by 2020. That’s because that is the core technological piece that replaces radar in the NextGen. How the “In” component will evolve for airplane operators remains to be seen, as in will it trump other currently available sources of weather, displayed traffic information, and whatever other information is made available.

You can find out more from AC 90-114 on ADS-B Operations and InFO 13009 on ADS-B authorizations for operations outside U.S. airspace. Click this link to access the FAA web page on this subject.

Advanced Aircrew Academy offers an ADS-B online training module to support your request for a Letter of Authorization or Ops Spec A353. More information at our ADS-B online module page