Back to Basics: Changes Business Aviation Pilots Might Miss

Back to Basics: Changes Business Aviation Pilots Might Miss

  • April
  • 11
  • 2019
  • Advanced Aircrew Academy

The FAA updates the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) twice a year. The latest change was published on February 28, 2019. You can find the latest AIM at There were two changes in this latest revision we would like to highlight.

Remember that rule you read when you first started flying: "It is the PIC's responsibility in CFR 91.103 Preflight action that each pilot in command shall, before beginning a flight, become familiar with all available information concerning that flight?"

With that in mind, did you know that FDC NOTAMS have been removed from the Notices to Airmen Publication (NTAP) and that a Flight Service Station briefer does not provide FDC NOTAM information for special instrument approach procedures unless specifically asked?

It has probably been awhile since you've used a Flight Service briefer, but that's why we're letting you know about the changes. FDC NOTAMS can be downloaded at Publication Notices. As an alternative, the FDC NOTAMs (and other NOTAMS) can be viewed using this FAA NOTAM tool website. The information is also available for free on the Chart Supplement page (formerly called the Airport Facility Directory) on the FAA's website.

Another topic to brush the cobwebs off is the AIM change to 2-1-2 on Pulsating VASI systems. "The on glidepath indication may be a steady while light or alternating RED and WHITE light." Here are two airports that use the pulsating VASI system:

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