Changing Separation Minima in Oceanic Airspace

Changing Separation Minima in Oceanic Airspace

  • September
  • 25
  • 2013
  • Advanced Aircrew Academy


Additionally, 50 NM longitudinal separation minimum will be applied for appropriately authorized and equipped RNP-10 certified aircraft. New York ARTCC will continue to accommodate aircraft that are not eligible for 30 NM lateral / 30 NM longitudinal separation minima throughout the CTA. Lateral, longitudinal, and vertical separation minima for these aircraft will not change.

Change is in the air. If you have an advanced aircraft that is certified for RNP-4 operations, then you should obtain a LOA, or for Commercial Operators the necessary approvals in the Ops-Specs. Advanced Aircrew Academy’s International Procedures training will take care of your training requirements for operating in this ever-changing airspace.

More Information
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