IS-BAO Training Requirements: Timing Is Everything

IS-BAO Training Requirements: Timing Is Everything

  • July
  • 08
  • 2013
  • Advanced Aircrew Academy

The first variable is the training subjects: Surface Contamination, CRM/Human Factors, Dangerous Goods, and so on. It‘s fair to say that you will definitely need a complete list of all of the subjects to start the process. It is very important to keep in mind that IS-BAO is but one source for what must be in your training program. The FARs, related documents such as Letters of Authorization (LOAs) / Ops Specs and Advisory Circulars, and your own FOM or other company training requirements are another. All of this must be in your training program. Although an IS-BAO audit is not primarily a compliance audit, it should be obvious that you must comply with any State of Registration and your own company requirements as a general condition of the Standards.

The second item in the variables list is who gets trained. That universe is defined pretty well: Flight Crews, Cabin Crews, Maintenance Technicians, Scheduler/Dispatchers, anybody else with duties onboard the aircraft in flight, and finally everybody else (e.g. Line personnel).

The next variable is whether the training subject is required, recommended, or left up to you (sort of), and even that list has room for interpretation when you start applying the “other training to ensure a safe operation” clause. The training program is now staring to get more complicated because some subjects are required for one position, but recommended for others; for example CRM/Human Factors.

The last variable in this analysis is frequency how often must the training take place to comply with the IS-BAO? We will pick up with that subject and wrap up our overview of the training program in the next post.