IS-BAO Training Requirements: What

IS-BAO Training Requirements: What

  • July
  • 17
  • 2013
  • Advanced Aircrew Academy

Other/Extra: These training subjects are not specifically mentioned within the IS-BAO but could be an elective for the operator, based on hazards identified by your SMS. Examples include Mountain Flying and Weather Radar.

Using the guidance above for the Emergency Situations topic, here is the complete list of Advanced Aircrew Academy IS-BAO compliant training courses from which we would select a specific operator’s recommended training. References in parentheses are to the Standard/Protocol and may not include all references:

24-Month Subjects

  • Emergency Situations (5.1.3; 5.3.1)
  • HAZMAT/Dangerous Goods (5.1.3; 14.1.3)
  • Surface Contamination/Winter Operations (5.1.3)

Key Item Subjects

  • Controlled Flight Into Terrain (5.1.3 Note)
  • Crew Resource Management/Human Factors (5.2)
  • Fatigue Management (6.13)
  • First Aid (5.1.3)
  • High Altitude Operations (5.4)
  • International Procedures, including RVSM, MNPS, and RNP, when applicable (5.1.3 Note; 7.3)
  • International SOPs if operating internationally in PBN airspace (7.5.1)
  • ILS LDA PRM Approaches (FAA; AIM 5.4.3)
  • MEL Procedures (5.1.3 Note; 8.15.2)
  • OSHA (U.S.; 13.1)
  • RVSM (5.1.3 Note; 7.3)
  • RNAV (5.1, Item 9)
  • Safety Management Systems (3.2.4)
  • Security (15.0, Item 5)

Optional Extras

  • Aircraft Performance
  • FAR/AIM Review (U.S.)
  • Instrument Procedures
  • Land and Hold Short Operations
  • Mountain Flying
  • Operations Manual
  • Runway Excursion
  • Runway Incursion
  • TCAS
  • Wake Turbulence
  • Weather
  • Weather Radar

Note that this list of training subjects does not include those subjects that are typically provided as part of aircraft-specific simulator training. Examples include Aircraft Upset Recovery (5.1.3 Note), Aircraft-specific SOPs (6.1.2), Cat II/III Operations (5.1.3 Note), EFIS/FMS/HGS (5.1.3 Note), and aircraft-specific GPWS (8.11.4).

Next up we will tailor this list further for specific positions, starting with fixed-wing aircraft flight crew members. Catch you then. In the meantime, let us hear from you if you have questions or feedback.