IS-BAO Training White Paper

IS-BAO Training White Paper

  • November
  • 07
  • 2013
  • Dan Boedigheimer

Have you ever wondered what the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) training requirements actually are? Figuring out what training is required according to the IS-BAO is not simple or straightforward. The Standards are lengthy and complex, largely due to the range of operations that they cover. Veterans of the process know that you will not find a summary list of required or recommended training.

Figuring it all out with a level of confidence that you are willing to bet your audit on can be a multi-pronged exercise in pulling out your hair, which is one of the reasons our phones ring at Advanced Aircrew Academy.

Consider the Big Picture of IS-BAO training. From the point of view of the IS-BAO and, therefore, of the auditor, training requires all of the following:

  1. Documented training content (your training program)
  2. Receipt of training
  3. Documentation of the training that was received
  4. Auditor testing to ensure that the training has been effective (e.g. interviews and exam results)

With the expertise that comes along with our IS-BAO Support Services Affiliate status at Advanced Aircrew Academy, we have published a white paper on the who, what, and when of training required for flight departments registered with IS-BAO. In the white paper, we talk about IS-BAO and the required training, including how all that works for the different types of flight departments and flight department positions such as pilots, maintenance technicians, dispatchers, and schedulers.