NextGen, NextGen, NextGen

NextGen, NextGen, NextGen

  • June
  • 27
  • 2014
  • Advanced Aircrew Academy

Early estimates show about a 7 - 15% increase in traffic flow, and that will probably get better as controllers and pilots become more comfortable with the new separation. It takes a little getting used to seeing another airplane clear the runway when you’re on short final, but when the mechanism is functioning correctly it all works out OK.

Caveat Emptor (buyer beware) on those visual departures and approaches with traffic in sight. Remember that when you report the preceding aircraft in sight YOU accept responsibility for traffic separation.

We’ve got more detailed information in the Wake Turbulence training here at Advanced Aircrew Academy and for further reference you can consult the official guidance from the FAA in their PDF located here: FAA Order 7110.659A Wake Turbulence Recat.