GHS Workplace Label Requirements Deadline

GHS Workplace Label Requirements Deadline

  • November
  • 15
  • 2013
  • Advanced Aircrew Academy

GHS Workplace Label Requirements Deadline

The deadline for employers to train employees on the concepts of the Globally Harmonized Standard of Chemical classification is December 1, 2013. This training requirement applies to all employees that use, handle, or store hazardous chemicals. Chemicals that may seem benign to us, such as commercial glues, paints, and cleaning supplies, are included in this training. Employers are mandated to train their employees on the new labeling elements and the standardized Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), which are replacing the Material Safety Data Sheet.

Following are the new label elements:

  • Product Identifier – must match the identifier on the safety data sheet and include the chemical identity of the substance or ingredients in a mixture that contribute to the product’s hazards.
  • Pictograms – combinations of graphical elements that convey information about the product’s hazards. GHS hazard pictograms are a black symbol on a white field within a red diamond.
  • Signal Word – indicate the severity of the product’s hazard. “Danger” indicates severe hazards while “Warning” indicates less severe hazards.
  • Hazard Statements – are assigned based on the nature of the product’s hazards.
  • Precautionary Statements – inform the reader about how to prevent or minimize the negative effects of storing or handling the product unsafely. They fall into the following four categories: prevention, response, storage, and disposal.
  • Supplier Identification – includes the name, address, and telephone number that can be used to locate or communicate with the manufacturer or supplier.

GHS permits competent authorities to require or allow additional information and specify where it must be presented on the product label as long as it does not impede, contradict, or confuse the standard information. Examples include transport pictograms, precautionary pictograms, first-aid recommendations, universal product codes, general usage information, etc.

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