OSHA Did You Know?

OSHA Did You Know?

  • January
  • 16
  • 2014
  • Advanced Aircrew Academy

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) acceptance award, Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP), recognizes small employers (those with fewer than 250 employees) who operate an admirable safety and health management system. Recognition by OSHA with a SHARP award is an achievement of status that can distinguish you as a model for workplace safety and health among your business peers. By demonstrating the desire of achievement towards a safer work environment, you not only signify regard for employee safety, but you may also reap rewards as a quality and forward-thinking company. To participate in SHARP, you must accomplish the following:

  • Request an OSHA consultation visit that involves a complete hazard identification survey.
  • Involve employees in the consultation process.
  • Correct all hazards identified by the consultant.
  • Implement and maintain a safety and health management system that, at a minimum, addresses OSHA’s 1989 Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines.
  • Lower your company’s Lost-Workday Injury and Illness rate (LWDII) and Total Recordable Case Rate (TRCR) below the national average.
  • Agree to notify your state Consultation Project Office prior to making any changes in the working conditions or introducing new hazards into the workplace.

A most recent recipient, Western Aircraft of Boise, Idaho, received the SHARP award for its excellence in safety and training. SHARP is one of the highest awards OSHA can give to a small company, and November 2013 marked the seventh consecutive year that Western Aircraft received this award. As recently noted in AIN MX Reports, Western Aircraft, an FBO, FAA-certified repair station, shared that ”Some of the contributing factors to the overall success of their safety record include employees’ involvement in identifying hazards, the site-wide weekly sharing of electronic dashboards with safety statistics, safety awareness posters throughout the work site, and an active safety committee.“

Are you interested in outstanding recognition for your company? Advanced Aircrew Academy offers a full complement of OSHA courses from the introduction to and overview of OSHA to Lockout/Tagout procedures and OSHA’s New Hazard Communication requirements. Allow us to assist in your achievement as a model for workplace safety.