The FAA Moved Your Cheese: AFS-470 Web Page Not Found

The FAA Moved Your Cheese: AFS-470 Web Page Not Found

  • September
  • 21
  • 2018
  • Advanced Aircrew Academy

The nature of aviation is that it's constantly changing. The FAA is rearranging its website, moved some key pieces of information, and didn't leave a breadcrumb trail for you. One of the handy web links used by Business Aviation pilots operating international flights changed locations and even if you Google it, it can't be found.

Flight Operations Group - International Procedures

If you are looking for information on International Procedures from the Flight Operations Group, click here. It contains information on Oceanic and Remote Airspace, Special Areas of Operation, international guidance materials, OpsSpecs reference, and specific route details.

International Procedures eLearning Modules

Advanced Aircrew Academy offers International Procedures eLearning modules that cover the world or your area of operation. If you have any questions, go to Advanced Aircrew Academy, email, or call 843.557.1266.