TSA Security: Would it Be Easier if We Took Off Our Clothes?

TSA Security: Would it Be Easier if We Took Off Our Clothes?

  • August
  • 22
  • 2018
  • Advanced Aircrew Academy

No Need To Remove Your Clothes

TSA x-ray technology can see through them! Security is in the headlines again as a TSA working group is considering ending screening at more than 150 small and medium sized airports. The proposal has triggered conversation and the overwhelming response is that security is still very important, to everyone.

The rules for business aviation and the on-demand charter world remain in place, but there are variables, and it's important for your flight department to know what the latest rules and training requirements are. In addition to the training, you must also be able to prove compliance. Advanced Aircrew Academy can do both.

Security Is Not Just For Pilots

That's why Advanced Aircrew Academy has a new 1-hour security module. This module is not pilot-centric, but is geared toward general employees of a Part 135 operator and will satisfy any TSA-mandated training for general employees of Part 135 operators (not ISC/GSC mandated training).

Advanced Aircrew Academy's TSA Twelve Five Standard Security Program (TFSSP) security training for flight crews is fully updated with the latest TSA revisions, videos, and images. We know each flight department is unique, so If you specialize in Part 135 freight, we have security training that includes how and when to screen freight and exemptions to cargo screening. We also offer a stand-alone module for Part 135 Ground Security Coordinators that is not pilot-centric and satisfies all the TSA required training.

No matter what kind of flight department you have or where you fly, Advanced Aircrew Academy can provide your flight department with all the eLearning ground training modules (~60 topics) you need to keep you safe and your POI, ARG/US, Wyvern, and SMS managers happy. All our modules are created by aviation experts who have experience in, or are currently working in, the aviation industry. Our Security module is created by a commercial airline pilot and Subject Matter Expert. Click here to check out all of our eLearning modules.