Attention: North Atlantic Airspace Users

Attention: North Atlantic Airspace Users
  • August 16, 2019

Advanced Aircrew Academy would like to advise our operators in the North Atlantic Airspace that between now and January 1, 2020, Aviation Safety Inspectors (ASI) might be contacting you regarding an impending deadline for transition to LOA B039.

Operators applying for LOA B039 must provide ASIs with additional evidence of compliance with NAT HLA requirements, particularly with regard to the navigation specification (RNP 10 which is now required) and flight crew training. ASIs will not assume operators with NAT/MNPS LOA B039 already have the aircraft equipage, operating procedures, and training in place for the current NAT HLA B039.

The ASIs will not issue an amended LOA B039 without first confirming the Part 91 operator has incorporated the new contingency procedures in the applicable operator handbooks, flight manuals, etc. Following are the main points of the notice:

  • LOA B039 template revision 030 (or subsequent) will be the only version valid after 12/31/19.
  • LOA B036 is now a prerequisite to LOA B039 and RNP 10 navigation specification is now required for LOA B039.
  • NAT contingency procedures have been changed, effective 3/28/19.
  • Coordinate with specialists in AFS-410D (via SAO Tracker) prior to re/issuing LOA B039.

To condense and clear up the jargon, Advanced Aircrew Academy’s eLearning meets the training requirements of the updated Ops Spec / LOA B039! If your ASI comes calling, just let them know you use Advanced Aircrew Academy and we can both show them how you are complying with the requirement.

If you’re not using Advanced Aircrew Academy yet for your Part 91 and/or 135 flight department, you can learn about us at, call 843-557-1266, email, find us on social media, or ask any of one of our hundreds of flight departments already using AAA.